The Chabot Parents Club runs many events and programs throughout the year to benefit our school and the education of our children.  The Parents Club supports Chabot Elementary by raising funds  to help the school and improve the students' experience. 
The Parents Club has sponsored, supported or purchased:
  • Salary for an Intervention Teacher for the majority of the school year.
  • Extra supplies to support science education.
  • An annual Science Night run by either local teachers or Lawrence Hall of Science.
  • Discretionary funds for each teacher to purchase supplies and books.
  • Room mats for the classrooms.
  • Fun events such as Shriek-A-Rama, Skate Night, Tigerthon, Sweethearts Dance, 5th Grade Swim Party for the children of Chabot.
  • Emergency supplies for the school.
  • Room Parent coordination to help each class room.
  • The FAME (Fine Arts Mini Experiences) program.
  • Volunteer help for Registration, Back to School Day and Graduation.
  • Community charity with student participation.
 The purpose of the Chabot Parents Club is:
  • To support the vision of Chabot School as developed by the school administration, faculty, School Site Council and in concert with the objectives of the Castro Valley Unified School District (CVUSD).
  • To enhance programs and opportunities for Chabot Elementary School students
  • To foster communication among students, parents, teachers, staff, administration and the community
  • To promote activities and parental participation
  • To raise funds for the benefit of the school