Buy Gift Cards Through the Chabot Parents Club!

You can help Chabot Parents Club raise funds by buying your gift cards through us. We offer over 300 different kinds of gift, including Safeway, Old Navy,, Walmart, Target, etc. through


How it works:
  1. Go to and enroll by clicking the Family Sign Up button, entering your information, and clicking the I Accept button. You will then be asked to answer two security questions. In the final screen enter Chabot Parent Club’s Enrollment Code: EMAIL FUNDRAISERS@CHABOTPARENTSCLUB.ORG FOR CODE
  2. Click Shop along the top of the site, and shop for the gift cards you would like to purchase.
    1. Plastic Gift Cards – You will receive the plastic gift card once the club receives the delivery from the vendor. See below for the December order and delivery schedule.
    2. ScripNow! – You will receive an e-gift card in your email inbox, which you can use just like a plastic gift card. You will receive this as soon as we confirm your payment to the Chabot Parents Club. Not all merchants offer this option.
    3. ReloadNow! – You can reload cards that you purchase through through the site. Your card will be reloaded the Chabot Parents Club receives payment. Not all merchants offer this option.
  3. You have three options to pay:
    1. Cash with your order confirmation dropped off at the office or with your child’s teacher.
    2. Check made payable to Chabot Parents Club with your order confirmation dropped off at the office or with your child’s teacher.
    3. PrestoPay, which allows you to pay online. You must enroll in PrestoPay. Once your enrollment is approved, you can select this option. It takes 3-5 business days to set up PrestoPay. There is a $0.15 convenience fee for this service.

Your order will not be submitted until we receive payment. PrestoPay orders are submitted automatically.

If your check or PrestoPay is returned to us with insufficient funds, we will hold your order. If you receive the gift card order before we are notified of insufficient funds, you will be responsible for all fees associated with the insufficient funds transaction in addition to reimbursing the club for the gift card order.